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It’s always fun to compare: BookBub vs. BookGorilla eBook Recommendations for Saturday, May 16, 2015

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The folks over at BookBub have never asked us to help them with branding, but if they did, we’d absolutely give them credit for providing “the best ebook recommendations money can buy.”

Based on the information that they provide right on their website, we have estimated that advertisers pay BookBub well over $15,000 a day to try to get you to buy the books they recommend.

Here at BookGorilla, we take the responsibility to provide curated recommendations a bit more seriously. By comparison, over 85% of the titles that we recommend at BookGorilla are provided based solely on the merit of the book and the deal, without any associated  advertising revenue.

We think the difference shows up when one compares the books recommended on each site. We’re here to save our readers time and money by providing the books you have always wanted to read at prices you never dreamed possible.

It’s not so much that “we try harder,” as that we are trying for different things. We’re aiming for your bedside reading table, not your remainder table. And we’ve got our eyes on the prize of providing value for readers, not for venture capital investors.

-Steve Windwalker

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