Is there a “best day” to buy books, or promote books, in the Kindle Store?

By Steve Windwalker

It will come as no surprise to BookGorilla subscribers and KND readers that we spend a lot of time communicating with authors and publishers. Authors and publishers want to connect with readers, and they understand that our community is made up of the greatest readers in the world, pound for pound.

There are two questions that authors and publishers ask us more than any others:

  • What’s the best promotional price for a Kindle book?
  • What’s the best day of the week to promote a Kindle book?

may2014calWe’ll put the discussion of pricing off for another post on another day, but let’s take this opportunity to focus on the relative merits of different days of the week:

  • What’s the best day of the week to promote a Kindle book?
  • Or, from a reader’s point of view: which day of the week is the most likely day for you to go online to look at possible ebook downloads, and perhaps to make an ebook purchase?

(BookGorilla provides a good barometer to evaluate this question, because BookGorilla alerts are structurally the same every day, regardless of which day of the week it is.)

We’ve just reviewed the past 10 weeks of BookGorilla stats, and it’s an interesting picture.

The orthodox view among online marketing experts is that there is less traffic on the internet on weekends, and consequently that weekends are a less worthwhile time to promote whatever someone is promoting.

The BookGorilla experience confirms the first part of this orthodox view, but not the second.

In other words, we find that “open rates” for BookGorilla alerts are slightly lower on weekends: Saturday is the lowest day of the week with an average estimated 47.12% open rate, and the weekend average is 47.39% compared with 47.82% on weekdays:

Average Estimated Daily Open Rates

  • Monday – 48.21%
  • Tuesday – 47.56%
  • Wednesday – 48.01%
  • Thursday – 47.79%
  • Friday – 47.54%
  • Saturday – 47.12%
  • Sunday – 47.65%

But that’s not the end of the story. Although slightly fewer subscribers open their BookGorilla alerts on weekends, those that do open them are more likely to purchase Kindle books. If every day were the same, the percentage of average weekly Kindle books downloaded on each day of the week would of course be one-seventh, or 14.29%. Instead, what we find is that the weekend is prime time for paid Kindle downloads :

Percentage of Average Weekly Kindle Books Downloaded by Day of Week (Paid Kindle Books):

  • Monday – 13.90%
  • Tuesday – 15.12%
  • Wednesday – 13.42%
  • Thursday – 13.37%
  • Friday – 13.78%
  • Saturday – 14.98%
  • Sunday – 15.42%

In other words, Sunday, Tuesday and Saturday are the top three days for paid Kindle downloads via BookGorilla, in that order. It makes sense to us, because even if our subscribers are slightly less likely to be online on the weekends, that factor is offset by the notion that many people have more time on the weekends, more time to read, and more likelihood to spend some time and a dollar or two looking for their next great read.

We share this information with some trepidation, of course. What if authors and publishers go on strike against offering promotions for BookGorilla readers on Thursdays, which is the lowest day of the week by a tiny margin? But we’re hoping that common sense will prevail, because after all, there really isn’t that much deviation, on any of the seven days, from the 14.29% norm. And we should also point out, of course, that BookGorilla’s experience is not necessarily predictive for other sites.

Do you have a favorite day of the week to buy books? Or a favorite day for reading? And of course, it’s okay with us if you answer “every day” on both counts.

11 thoughts on “Is there a “best day” to buy books, or promote books, in the Kindle Store?

  1. I definitely buy most of my Kindle books on the weekend! I spend time reading every day, but I have more leisure time on the weekends, and how I spend that time is influenced by the weather. If it is rainy or too hot to spend much time outside I will be indoors curling up with my Kindle.

  2. I read, a lot, everyday. No favorite day, but Saturdays and Sundays are a little lazier than other days, even with being retired, so I might read just a little more on those days. To buy books? A book has to really be in my favorite genre to buy it….although I’ll try free ones that look good. Love Bookgorilla….what a great service you provide.

  3. I check everyday, if possible. I purchase those I am interested in, free or cost. I enjoy checking for ebooks. It’s a good time to relax and see the new additions. Sometimes book one lets me know whether to purchase the series. I also have favorite authors. Thanks for the site. All genres are available. The description is also helpful.

  4. When it comes to books and book bargains, ALL days are my favorite days! Keep up the great work!

  5. Sadly, I seem to buy nearly every day. My chosen day for wish list items or other full price stuff is nearly always Friday = payday.

  6. My favorite day to read is every day. I get to read more on the weekends, because the weekdays are full of teenagers activities. I think I sometimes forget to check my email on the weekends, so I miss some bargains. Then again some weekdays are too full to check email. So maybe it’s hit or miss.
    Thanks for all the great reads!

  7. I check every day. It’s one of the bright spots in the sort-the-email drudge. I read Bookgorilla and a couple of other ebook sites, but yours consistently offers the most. I love the helpful interjections and links too. Finding a new series through a “free” first volume has started me on several new authors. I highly recommend that strategy to them as I will often give such a book a try whereas I would not purposely buy it, even for $.99 when there is a possibility that I wouldn’t like it.

  8. Hi Steve, this blog is very helpful to me because I am undecided on which day is best to release my new book. Sure enough you have the comparison number for me which I really appreciate it. Great blog. Thank you.

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