Authors, Would You Like Your Own Totally Free BookGorilla Author’s Page with a FOLLOW Button and User-Controlled Sorting for Your Fans?

(Updated with new features June 4, 2015)

A few weeks ago we shared a reader-facing post about a brand new feature called BookGorilla Author’s Pages, which are meant to make it easier than ever for BookGorilla readers — and all readers — to find your books.

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 12.56.57 PMBookGorilla Author Pages are an absolutely free service, and here (at left) is a screenshot example of one that has been live for a couple of weeks, Pulitzer Prize winning NY Times columnist Nicholas D. Kristof’s BookGorilla Author’s Page. We hope you like the idea.

We think this will be the ultimate win-win, because our goals are simple: we want to help great authors sell great books, and we want our readers to find the books that they want to read, at the best possible prices. (And of course, the more readers discover great deals on great books, the more BookGorilla will be rewarded, without authors having to pay a dime for this service.)

As with just about anything worth doing, the more we all put into this project, the more good will come of it, but it is clear that It can make a nice difference not only in an author’s book sales but also in the discoverability of his page. Just the other day Nick Kristof sent these updates out to his 1.59 million Twitter followers, his 1.4 million Google Plus followers, and his 600,000+ Facebook followers:

Within a few hours three of the top five front-page Google search listings for his Kindle books (and two of the top six Bing results) were directing searchers to Nick’s BookGorilla Author’s Page.

And now we’ve added a special feature — a “Follow [this author]” button — which gives every visitor to Nick’s page the opportunity to have more of Nick’s Kindle books included in that visitor’s daily BookGorilla alert:

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 1.01.26 PM

In addition to the Follow button, we’ve just added an index page (soon to be further enhanced), as well as another user-friendly feature that allows readers to sort the books on any author’s page by price or sales rank:

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 2.31.55 PM

Of course you don’t need millions of followers to be effective at driving traffic to your BookGorilla Author’s Page. What you will need, if you don’t have it already, is your own BookGorilla Author’s Page.  We’ve already responded to amazing author interest by creating thousands of new author pages, and we’ll be glad to do the same for you. To get you started, we’ve created a user-friendly web form so you can provide everything we’ll need to create, update, or improve the accuracy of your own BookGorilla Author’s Page:

BookGorilla Author’s Page Input Form

Please be patient, but we’ll do our best to create or update your BookGorilla Author’s Page soon after you submit this form. When your page is live or updated, we will send you a link to your  page so that you can share it with your readers and fans. Whether you use tweets, Facebook updates, a static link on your website, your email signature, or all of these, we hope you’ll use that link to spread the word and encourage your fans to click the “Follow” button on your BookGorilla Author’s Page. When readers click that button, they’ll see your books much more frequently in their daily BookGorilla alerts!

Thanks for taking a moment to read this post — we are very excited about the chance to work with you to help our readers find your books! We hope we’ll see your BookGorilla Author’s Page Input Form soon, and please feel free to share this news with other author and publisher friends!

-Steve Windwalker

36 thoughts on “Authors, Would You Like Your Own Totally Free BookGorilla Author’s Page with a FOLLOW Button and User-Controlled Sorting for Your Fans?

  1. This same form keeps coming up with no information on how to get an author page. Is there supposed to be more? I have a KND promotion already in place for Tuesday, May 5 with a Gorilla ad included. Is there something else I am supposed to do?

  2. Sounds good! I’m just past one Kindle promotion as of tomorrow (May 4) and heading into another Kindle Nation promotion set for June 27 and 28 and July 4. (It will continue to run through July 5 and 6, but my Kindle Nation/Book Gorilla dates are the first 3 mentioned (6/27, 6/28 and 7//4).

    Where and how do I sign up?

    Connie Corcoran Wilson
    CEO, Quad Cities’ Learning, Inc.
    dba Quad Cityy Press

  3. Thanks Steve! I am a big fan of KND, Lendle, and Book Gorilla. You have made it possible for indie authors to be discovered and recognized alongside traditionally published authors. Thank you very much for this free listing service. I’m going to tell all my friends.

  4. Thank you so much for this opportunity to grow my reader base! Having something more than Amazon is perfect, as I’ve discovered a surprising amount of my friends and followers have asked for other contact pages (I use Twitter, FaceBook, and WordPress) and I’m always on the lookout for others!

  5. I’ve tried other routes for an author’s page, including Amazon, FB, and WordPress. I’m sure it has to be my fault they just aren’t working out! All I want is one location that’s simple to share, easy for readers to find and use to look over my books (and hopefully purchase), and that won’t cost me a year’s worth of royalties!

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